The Photo-a-Day project that almost never made it

For the past two years, I've set myself a January photo-a-day challenge of my children. It's a wonderful way of documenting an often lazy month filled with family time, ice-creams and outings - and I hope the resulting chronology will be something we'll all treasure when they've grown up and I'm old and grey.

This past year was stupid busy. Three children (including a new baby), long hours at work (I didn't take any maternity leave this time around) and a long overseas trip to visit family made the year fly by much too quickly.

So it was lovely to slow down a little in January and give children (and my poor, neglected camera!) a little more attention.

The plan was to post a daily photo on my blog. But I've only just found time to sort through and edit the photos. Instead I'm posting a selection of my favourite photos here. If you want to see the rest, check out the Photo-a-Day 2018 gallery.


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